Our Curriculum


Bearing With Emotions featuring Belma Bear will help young children understand different emotions they experience on a day-to-day basis. Identifying emotions through various activities will help to strengthen their social and emotional development. Children learning labels for different emotions through flashcards, games, color sheets, and role-playing will help them develop a vocabulary. A large emotional vocabulary will help young children talk about their feelings enabling them for long term success throughout their lives.

Effectively communicating with others will help build confidence to produce a greater academic achievement. Providing problem solving activities and discussion questions, “Bearing With Emotions” will help children have a strong foundation in emotional literacy. Increasing social skills demonstrating examples children can relate to through talking rather than acting out their negative feelings will maintain a positive learning environment. “Bearing With Emotions” is not just for classroom base programs but also for at home use as well. Teachers along with parents will have the opportunity to impact children at an early age in raising emotionally healthy children.