About Us


The mission statement of Future Educational Entertainment, LLC. is to provide high quality innovative products to enhance children’s learning experiences by integrating imaginative, practical and educational techniques.

Marva Dawkins is a Certified Early Education Specialist and the Founder/CEO of Future Educational Entertainment, Inc. Her passion for Early Education was ignited in 1992 as she began to work alongside her parents in their family business, In His Image Learning Center of Marietta, Ga. As the Executive Director, Ms. Dawkins has devoted 20+ years to education while mastering various curriculums and achieving numerous certifications in the Early Educational field.

With the production of effective learning programs in mind Ms. Dawkins became aware of a “gap” in the learning process for most students. This void in education resulted in students improperly displaying “emotions”. She began to realize that often times children lack the ability to identify and appropriately convey their feelings in a classroom setting and /or social display. The underdevelopment of these critical skills became challenging to some children’s abilities with regards to maximizing their learning potential.

Determined to find a solution, Ms. Dawkins conducted an experiment to enhance this process in her students which has now turned into her first published training curriculum, “Bearing With Emotions”. Her passion to see the children internally and externally convey their emotions in a proper manner which is conducive to their success, compelled Ms. Dawkins to pour herself into creating this powerful tool, utilizing innovative and entertaining concepts. Ms. Dawkins has dedicated her life to preparing our children for success. However, while earning an Associates Degree in Biblical Science, she noticed that this “gap” was not just prevalent in children, but adults as well.

This discovery motivates future installments and versions of her creations, which we anxiously await their releases. Desiring to increase effectiveness in adults as well as children, Ms. Dawkins’ pursuit of Emotional Education expanded. Now we can all learn from her amazing curriculums; to recognize, analyze, and convey ourselves appropriately for maximum success in daily life.