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Learning labels for different emotions through flashcards, games, color sheets, and role-playing will help them develop a vocabulary. A large emotional vocabulary will help young children talk about their feelings enabling them for long term success throughout their lives.

Effectively communicating with others will help build confidence to produce a greater academic achievement.

By incorporating our easy kid games and child development toys, your child’s play area is enriched and promotes higher cognitive processing.

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Future Educational Entertainment, LLC. provides high quality innovative products to enhance children’s learning experiences by integrating imaginative, practical and educational techniques.

Marva Dawkins is a Certified Early Education Specialist and the Founder/CEO of Future Educational Entertainment, LLC. Her passion for Early Education was ignited in 1992 as she began to work alongside her parents in their family business, In His Image Learning Center of Marietta, Ga. As the Executive Director, Ms. Dawkins has devoted 20+ years to education while mastering various curriculums and achieving numerous certifications in the Early Educational field.

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“The bearing with emotions” training system purposefully acknowledge the child’s emotional state. I love it! It breaks down the barriers of the student on a personal level as they transition from the home to the classroom. It’s a wonderful ice-breaker for students coming in on their first day of school. In all of these instances, the children can really recognize visually what emotions they are feeling as well as displaying. This goes beyond just talking about emotions to seeing themselves and understanding them. This teaching acts as a great tool when helping a child work through things such as separation, anxiety, death, divorce, a new baby, any change.”


“Bearing with emotions” is a wonderful tool for young children. It shows them how to deal with their different emotions in a useful manner. The curriculum allows them to express themselves properly without acting out in a negative way. This will help them as they grow into young adults, and show them how to deal with everyday struggles. This was a wonderful idea, and very helpful to parents as well!”


“Bearing with emotions” will be a new and exciting tool for children. They would be able to get a better understanding of specific skills and how to express their emotional feelings without friends. “Bearing with emotions” would be a good tool to assist kids in developing how they feel about certain situations. At the same time it can also teach them not be afraid to express themselves and be their own individuals. ”


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